Filler Materials


  • Cadmium-free brazing alloys free from silver
  • Cadmium-free brazing alloys that contain silver
  • Brazing materials for copper and copper-base alloys with and without silver
  • Brazing materials for brazing tungsten-carbide both with and without silver
  • Flux-coated brazing alloys
  • Brazing and soldering alloys for the joining of aluminium
  • Flux-cored soft solders and brazing materials
  • Soft solders both with and without silver
  • Brazing and soldering pastes


  • Brazing fluxes
  • Soldering fluxes
  • Gas-fluxing procedures (The flux is entrained in the fuel-gas)!
  • Flameflux Elgalin 72
  • Flameflux Elgalin 72 eco (the environmentally friendly alternative)


Other products:

  • Special aluminium cleaner
  • Rust inhibitorprotector
  • Ultrasonic cleaner

All alloys are available in commercial dimensions and forms
Pressed pre-forms, rings, rods, foil, etc. (see photograph).
Brazing paste can be applied by brush or specialised applicator.  It does not separate in the containerA range of fluxes for use on different parent materials is available. They are available as pastes, powders, and in liquid form Free samples of the above products are available on request!