Process Concepts

VerMoTec Process Concepts Induction Brazing

Process Concepts

Design, construction and implementation of complete mechanisation comcepts

  • flame brazing
  • induction brazing
  • TIG brazing



Example of a complete production-line for electric heating elements

Total of 8-rotary indexing brazing machines are connected via robots and ancillary handling systems. The entire manufacturing process is fully automatic, the production stages being as follows

  • Cut a plastic-covered power-cable to lenght; align the cable; strip the required length of plastic coating from the wires within the cable; micro-plasma weld the wires to the element; automatically assemble the parts for further processing
  • unroll, crimp and soft-solder a galvanized metal strip
  • assemble the components automatically;  induction fusion weld them; undertake both a brazing and a soldering operation, one to steel, the other to brass to produce the finished assembly
  • check the finished part automatically for electrical continuity


Beispiel VerMoTec Verfahrenskonzepte