Our Programme

  • Joining Machines
    Brazing- and Soldering Machines, Assembly machines and other specialized equipment

  • Heating, Annealing and Hardening equipment
    Heating by either Flame or Induction

  • Automated Handling Systems
    Component assembly
    Systems for the feeding of filler materials, foils, preforms, pastes, liquids and fluxes

  • Cooling water handling
    Filtering, cooling and recycling of cooling water used on the machines

  • Fuel-gas handling
    - Fuel-gas compressors
    - Equipment to enable the application and use of Flameflux on a brazing machine
    - Automated gas-leakage systems fitted with both visual and audible alarms

  • Temperature control
    Infra-red pyrometers with temperature display
    - to control the intensity of heating flames
    - to control the amount of power fed to an inductor when heating by induction
    - to initiate the feeding of filler metal wire when the joint area has attained the required temperature