Double linear brazing machine

Einfache Schiebetisch-Lötanlage
Simple linear brazing machine

Förderbänder oder Palettenförderer
Conveyor belt or pallet conveyor machine

Kettenförderer, kontinuierlich taktgesteuert
Chain conveyor machine with continous step control

kontinuierlich drehende Lötrundtische
Continuously rotating round table brazing machines

taktgesteuerte Lötrundtische
Step-by-step round table brazing machines

Shuttle brazing machines

Our Programme

  • Joining Machines
    Brazing- and Soldering Machines, Assembly machines and other specialized equipment

  • Heating, Annealing and Hardening equipment
    Heating by either Flame or Induction

  • Automated Handling Systems
    Component assembly
    Systems for the feeding of filler materials, foils, preforms, pastes, liquids and fluxes

  • Cooling water handling
    Filtering, cooling and recycling of cooling water used on the machines

  • Fuel-gas handling
    - Fuel-gas compressors
    - Equipment to enable the application and use of Flameflux on a brazing machine
    - Automated gas-leakage systems fitted with both visual and audible alarms

  • Temperature control
    Infra-red pyrometers with temperature display
    - to control the intensity of heating flames
    - to control the amount of power fed to an inductor when heating by induction
    - to initiate the feeding of filler metal wire when the joint area has attained the required temperature