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Consultancy and Training

We hold precisely focussed 1 or 2-day technical training seminars at our factory on a regular basis; these deal with the fundamental features of brazing process technology. Members of our staff give the presentations at the seminar, and all the speakers have a detailed understanding of the theory of brazing, this being reinforced by their 'hands on' practical experience of the  vital topics of applied brazing technology in the areas of design and machine construction. The seminars always cover:
  • the fundamentals of brazing and soldering
  • the use of brazing and soldering as a joining method
  • the criteria necessary to ensure that the joint design to be used is one of 'the best practice'
  • the theory and practice of mechanised brazing
  • the theory and practice of temperature control systems suitable for use on brazing and soldering machines
  • and many other areas that are too numerous to mention here!

Detailed training information is provided to all delegetes together with a Certificate of Attendance. When required the appropriate members of VerMoTec staff will be happy to give confidential recommendations and advice to delegates who wish to discuss a particular aspect of their work with specialists.

Naturally, while these seminars are held in our factory, we are always happy to provice 'onsite' training at our customer's premises..... all you have to do is ask us to visit you!