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Welcome to the world of Vermotec!

As an owner-managed company with its head office in St. Ingbert (Saar region) and German production, we are your competent system supplier when it comes to soldering and brazing technology.

Worldwide, well-known manufacturers rely on machinery, services and automation concepts from Vermotec..

With highly-qualified engineers in the development, highly skilled and trained technicians, masters and other skilled craftsmen in the production as well as in the sub-contract soldering and brazing department we are excellently positioned for your challenges.

We develop process concepts for automation, design and manufacture complete plants (-concepts) and deliver the necessary solders, brazing alloys, fluxes and spare parts. We have a powerful and capacity-strong sub-contract soldering and brazing department, provide a comprehensive after sales serviceand support you in the process development right up to SOP (start of production).
Our many years of experience in these areas also flow into your workpieces.

More than 80 highly motivated employees are at your disposal with their knowledge and experience resulting from the production of over 4,000 machines.

Speed up to Vermotec-Quality.
Vermotec – No. 1 solution provider in the automatic soldering and brazing technology.

High Tech Brazing for each industry

From A like automobile to Z like Zirconia jewelry or tools, we solve your tasks


As a strong and reliable partner to the different industrial sectors, with various requirements , we have developed into a leading international specialist for joining and assembling with emphasis on soldering and brazing and so established on the world market.

Our high production and performance depth is reflected directly in the quality of our machines as well as in the sub-contract soldering and brazing department. There, we join small, medium and large series of our renowned customers.

Of course we have also been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 and this since 1998.
Certified management system.


Since 2017 we have been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015 environmental standard too.

Our Machines, the solders, brazing alloys and fluxes as well as the service are always in demand when the highest technical requirements are made.

Typical products that come with machines from our production are among others:

  • Automotive
  • Bicycles
  • Electrical parts (switch gear contacts etc.)
  • Heating radiators
  • Heat exchangers
  • Medical instruments
  • Plumbing armatures
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning parts
  • Solar collectors
  • Steel furniture
  • Thermostats
  • Tungsten carbide tipped tools
  • Zirconia tipped parts (jewelry or tools)

Vermotec supplies its machines worldwide

Vermotec delivers worldwide

Vermotec - Know-how for more than 60 years

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Am Grubenstollen 11

66386 St. Ingbert

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Speed up to Vermotec Quality!

Worldwide the No.1 choice for automated brazing and soldering machines and service is Vermotec GmbH!

This is because for more than forty years the research and development programmes that we have carried out has resulted in Vermotec GmbH becoming the world leader in the design, manufacturing, and the subsequent shop-floor use of our automated brazing and soldering production equipment and systems.

The secret of our success is to be found in our philosophy of using the knowledge we have gained over the years from the design, manufacturing, and subsequent use of about 4000 machines that we have supplied to the both the home and export markets. This has enabled us to focus our efforts on the fundamentals of the brazing and soldering technology that inevitably lead to a technically and commercially viable automated system that meets the desired objective of the customer.

What are our strenghts?

  • The design, development, and construction of both simple and, where necessary, sophisticated machines that satisfy the customers requirements
  • Our company engineers and designers who invariably apply the most modern process and production concepts
  • Our ability to use our extensive ‘in-house’ brazing and soldering equipment to offer a cost-effective sub-contract brazing and/or soldering service to customers
  • We hold in stock, and can supply an extensive range of brazing and soldering filler materials and
  • A team of well-qualified and experienced engineers who have first and knowledge of modern process management techniques
  • Technically experienced engineers who are familiar with the finer points of technical consultancy and project planning in the techniques necessary to ensure that the primary objectives of a client  are fully satisfied by the information that these engineers give when visiting the client or talking to him on the telephone.

Consequently we are certain that it will be a wise move for you to to ask Vermotec GmbH to assist you with any new automated brazing and soldering systems that you need in order to meet the requirements of your existing or potentially new customers.

We deliver our machines worldwide.

Tight in strong networks

The engagement and exchange in interdisciplinary associations and initiatives strengthens our eyes for future development.

Furthermore, we are in constant dialog with international renowned specialists in the field of soldering in brazing technology – so called world experts – to guarantee the continuous development.

Of course we have also been certified according to DIN EN  ISO 9001:2015 and this since 1998.
Certified management system.

Since 2017 we have been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015 environmental standard too.



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